A BRIDE FOR NOAH is written about living in 1851 where Evie Lawrence works as a house cleaner for Mr. and Mrs. Coffinger. Her employer Mr. Coffinger is always wasting his monies on scams and dreams that fall through. But when he receives a letter from his nephew Noah who at the time is employed with a logging company located somewhere in the Oregon Territory; Mr. Coffinger comes up with one of his not so brillant ideas and asks Evie to come along with him and a few other young women. He gets their spirits up for a new future in a pristine land.

Evie is excited about this journey for she plans to open a restaurant in the new land and the other young woman are just as happy to go a long to make new lives, maybe even hook a husband. Even though Evie is engaged her fiance shows no affection towards her so she has no objection to breaking her engagement in order to go.

When they arrive in the Oregon Territory, Evie’s hopes for a restaurant slowly starts to disappear, but Evie will not give up her dream, so she forges ahead no matter how much trouble she stirs between the owners of the logging company. Nor does she care how much she upsets Noah, Miles Coffinger’s nephew and she can truly turn Noahs world upside down!

Noah must keep Evie and the other women away from the men who are cutting down the trees for when the ship comes to pick up the trees for lumber which will bring Noah, his employers and the men much needed money and a bright and prosperous future. As time passes both Noah and Evie become close and start working together. Will love be in their cards for the future and what about the other women? Will they find the loves of their lives?

A BRIDE FOR NOAH is a masterpiece and I look forward to reading more of such great stories by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith. I am thankful for the research these authors have brought to me and yes it’s a book of fiction, but has many a truth written in the pages. I learned things I never knew about how Seattle came to be.
— Joanne Bozik
A Home in the West - Very good, held my interest. love learning about the amish culture compared to the “english” life. I would read more of Copeland’s books.
— Judy Clark
A Bride for Noah - I was excited to receive the first book in the Seattle Brides series. Living in the Pacific Northwest I looked forward to reading a book set in my home state.

Getting to know some of the history of Washington state was pretty fun and interesting. I loved the characters and how their personalities developed. I was once again extremely pleased with the storyline these two authors created and can’t wait to read another book in this series. These authors are quite the dynamic duo, and I never finish one of their books feeling disappointed. On the contrary, they always create a story that draws me in and keeps me wanting for more.

Set in the 1850s, this book tells the story of different people trekking to the Northwest to start new settlements and the history behind the starting of those settlements. Also discussed are how those settlements got their names. I loved reading these bits of history, along with the storyline weaved in to make it a read I didn’t want to put down or even finish because I wanted to keep learning more about these characters and their lives.

I would definitely recommend this book. I look forward to the next installment in this series.
— P. Le Blanc
A Home In The West -
What a sweet short love story. Another great creation by Lori Copeland.
This young boy Jonas with an English background has nothing in the World to build his future on but dreams and plans. But despite the lack of resources Jonas borrows his employers buggy and takes a leap of faith and makes his first step into realizing his dreams by taking Caroline on buggy ride. The surprise that waited on him around the corner could have been only from God Himself.
Do you have dreams and plans but no means to realize them? Take a first step in faith and see what God can do with you..
Lovely and encouraging story.
— Larik Burci
A Cowboy at Heart - This is a wonderful Amish story about how God can change lives. Would like to see more books in this series.
— Gayle A. Palmer
A Cowboy at Heart - What an absolutely wonderful story. The rowdy cowboy was tamed by the unexpected. I love how Lori incorporates real life into her stories.
— Tina Steen