Heavenly Daze Series

Unexpected hijinks and heart-warming results occur when mortals and immortals cross paths-and unaware visitors to the picturesque establishments of Heavenly Daze discover that they have been entertained by angels. Co-authored with Angela Hunt.

The Island of Heavenly Daze

Heavenly Daze Series Book 1

To a casual visitor, the island of Heavenly Daze is just like a dozen others off the coast of Maine. It is decorated with graceful Victorian mansions, carpeted with gray cobblestones and bright wild flowers, and populated by sturdy, hard-working folks-most of whom are unaware that the island of Heavenly Daze is not just like the other islands of coastal Maine. The small town that crowns its peak consists of seven buildings, each inhabited, according to divine decree, by an angel who has been commanded to guard and help anyone who crosses the threshold.

Grace in Autumn

Heavenly Daze Series Book 2

It's November, and as the island residents prepare for the coming months of cold and snow, they are surprised by God's unexpected lessons of humility, trust, and hope. Authors Lori Copeland and Angela Hunt revisit the Island of Heavenly Daze in the second book of the highly acclaimed series about a small town where angelic intervention is commonplace and the Thanksgiving feast a community affair.


A Warmth in Winter

Heavenly Daze Series Book 3

Readers have already fallen in love with the quirky personalities that inhabit Heavenly Daze. In A Warmth in Winter, the unforgettable characters and humorous circumstances offer poignant lessons of God's love and faithfulness. The story centers around Vernie Bidderman, owner of Mooseleuk Mercantile and Salt Gribbon, the lighthouse operator, who despite the vast differences in their struggles are being taught about the ultimate failure and frustration of self-reliance.

A Perfect Love

Heavenly Daze Series Book 4

Six of the angels have taken human form and live among the residents, who don't question their peculiarities, such as never aging or getting sick. In this installment, Barbara and Russell Higgs face infertility problems and constant interference from Barbara's mother, which endangers their relationship. The marriage of Dana and Mike Klackenbush is also undergoing strains, and Dana's brother, Buddy, tries desperately to fill the hole in his lonely life. Amusing incidents, including disastrous remodeling attempts at the church, keep the pace brisk, and the angelic assistance is low-key but powerful. 

Hearts at Home

Heavenly Daze Series Book 5

Edith is trying to lose weight in every way imaginable to get into a certain dress by the time Salt and Birdie's April wedding rolls around. Olympia dies suddenly, leaving her daughter Annie the beloved old house, which she can't afford to keep and maintain on her professor's salary. Leaving it would be cutting herself off from Heavenly Daze, and she can't bring herself to do that, although A.J. is urging her to move to New York to be near him. Plus, Caleb tells her he's being "transferred" at the end of the month! Annie has to learn how to find God's will . . . and open herself up to a new love that's been under her nose the entire time.