Dear Reader,

Today I am starting a new venture--walking a little different path,  beginning an awesome adventure.  I wrote in the secular market for fifteen years before I decided to write clean and wholesome books. For the past nineteen years I have written stories that please me, the kind of stories I love to write.  During my earlier years I published over fifty titles in the secular market.  I loved those stories of love and laughter and general good fun.  

My special news is that I've decided to start again with those books. Revise, change a LOT around,  and omit the secular material.  Tonight my first book went up for pre-order on Amazon!  You can either purchase the Kindle edition or paperback of "The Cowboy's Housekeeper," a romping good story about a woman who can't drive - at least Jason Rawlings is convinced of that fact! Jessica's only been back in town a couple of days and she's managed to wreck both of his vehicles!

I'm nervous yet terribly excited about this new venture...please go to Amazon and order your copy, and if you like what you see you can expect many more new contemporary titles in the coming years!

Wish me luck!


Amelia and the Captain

Amelia and the Captain—Book #3 in the Sisters of Mercy Flats series.  Available March 2017.

After the three McDougal sisters wagon falls under attack, each sister is picked up by a different man. Amelia is picked up by Captain Morgan Kane, who in time, finds he has no patience for her reliable pharmacy. After confessing she is running from the law, he drops her off in Port Galveston 24 hour pharmacy rochester ny. In no time she is sold to the highest bidder and taken on a ship along with other women destined for slavery. She must now rely on her faith in God to help her survive.


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The Wild West Brides

 Seattle Brides Series Book #2  Available Now   

You've asked for Lori's second most requested western series (#1 being Brides of the West), and now Barbour Publishing is releasing the volume!  Hang on for a wild ride with the three Claxton brothers, Civil War veterans who take refuge in the untamed West, and the three stubborn women who challenge their ideas of justice and freedom. Cole meets Wynne as she is seeking revenge from his youngest brother. Beau is near death when nursed back to life by Charity. Cass is tricked into marrying Susanne. Each brother has met his match, but will they be too stubborn to recognize God’s hand in these unions?  Includes: The PeacemakerThe Drifter, and The Maverick.  Order your copy today!


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The Preacher's Lady

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It's 1855, and Elly Sullivan works on her family cranberry farm in Wisconsin. She's pledged her unending love to Bo Garrett. 

At seventeen, Bo rides off for a month--just a month--to see a little of the world before he settles down with Elly. He falls in with the wrong people and the wrong life. His promises to Elly and the Lord are forgotten in a misspent youth. Eight years too late, he returns, having come to the end of himself and having rededicated his life to God. 

Can Bo convince Elly they were meant to be together despite all the bumps in their path?


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